Years ago I bought a designer lamp from a recognized brand and I’ve had enough of seeing it everywhere, so I decided to make unique lamps.

Lámpara crochet azul con cuadro
Blue Fishermanlamp
Lámpara crochet en salón
Lámpara crochet iluminada en interior
Lámpara crochet blanca en piscina
Fishermans lamp iluminated
Iluminated design lamp
Artisanal lamp
Iluminated exterior lamp
Artisanal and exclusive lamp
Lámpara de crochet iluminada - Iluminated crochet lamp
Lámpara fucsia turquesa- fishermanlamp
Fisherman crochet lamp
2 lámparas de crochet - 2 crochet lamps
3 lámparas crochet fishermanlamps
Lámpara de diseño - design Fishermanlamp
Fishermanlamps en la playa
Lámpara crochet pequeña multicolor
Fishermanlamps crochet en jardín
Lámpara crochet marrón y roja colgada de un árbol
Lámparas de jardín - garden lamps
Bicolor fishermanlamps
Fishermanlamp crochet
Small fishermanlamp


I can make you a lamp to your measure, you just have to tell me the tonality, the mixture of colors and the measure.

Fill in the data in the following tables, or you can also contact me on Instagram: @elipedrosmarbella

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